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Royal Asiatic Society of Georgia

Georgian historian. Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Director of the Art Palace of Georgia - Museum of Cultural History, and General Director of the same Museum since 2019. The author of the TV programs "Chveneburebi", and "Letters on Hope". Chairman of the "Saving Fund of Dadiani Palaces". About 20 books were published by his authorship. In 2010-2011, he gave lectures at the TV Center of Ilia University. Since 2010 he is a professor at Davit Agmashenebeli University. Since 2012, an honorary doctorate from the same university. Member of the Royal Asiatic Society since 2019. Professor of the Georgian-American University (GAU) since 2020.  In 2017, the "Textile from Georgia" project conducted by George Kalandia received the highest European cultural heritage award - "Europa Nostra" in the field of scientific research.
In 2022, George Kalandia published 15 volumes under the name "Georgians in World History". The publication soon became a bestseller.The multi-volume study provides an in-depth overview of Georgian accomplishments all around the world. This project, which incorporated the rich history of Georgians residing outside of Georgia in more than 40 nations of the world, took the author and publisher two years to complete. Rare photos, reproductions of unique documents, and passages from correspondence that the author spent more than 10 years searching for in libraries, archives, and museum depositories around the world are used to richly illustrate the book. The information was thoroughly analyzed by the author, and he was able to turn it into an important historical work.

Global Banking Career - HSBC Bank London Office. While living abroad, Tamar constantly kept in touch with Georgia by being active on various platforms. She is a member of the Supervisory Board of the "British-Georgian Society" (Great Britain). In addition, several Georgian-British projects were implemented on her initiative; Among them was the presentation of the book "British sources about Georgia" (author G. Kalandia) and the project "Knight in a Panther Skin" - an enameled copy of the poem made for the British Library. In 2022, Tamar became the winner of the grant program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia "Promotion of Diaspora Initiatives" with the project "Manuscripts of the Life of Kartli in the British Library", which was successfully implemented.

She received her education at leading European universities and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Bayes Business School, City University (UK).

Deputy Director of the Art Palace of Georgia - Museum of Cultural History. He has worked on the international project “Textile from Georgia” in 2019-2022, and is one of the authors of the 1st volume of the book of the same name, in 2023 the bilingual collection "History of Georgian Fashion" was published with his artistic concept. 2021 At the National Museum in Krakow (Poland) he took courses in the restoration of wooden objects. In 2022-2023, within the framework of a grant from the US Embassy, he is leading the restoration of the wooden objects of the historical-architectural museum of the Dadiani palaces of Zugdidi.

currently manager of relations with the public and foreign donors at the Art Palace of Georgia- Museum of Cultural History. From 2012-2016, she studied at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. After completing her bachelor's degree, in 2017-2019 she continued her studies at the master's program of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the same university "Organization Development and Consulting". Nutsi Kachakhidze, as a researcher and translator, participated in projects implemented by the Art Palace, such as: "British sources about Georgia". Tbilisi. 2020 (financed by the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation), "Treasures of Dadiani Palaces". Tbilisi 2020. (funded by the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation), "Textile as art" Tbilisi 2020. (funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia), "Ani – a symbol of the multicultural Caucasus" (funded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Georgia), "Irina Steinberg 115" (bilingual catalog sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Georgia). She was also part of the work team and translated textual material for noteworthy projects such as History of Georgian Fashion – a bilingual catalog regarding Georgian fashion from Colchis Medea till XIX century (2022), Giorgi Abkhazi (2022) - catalog about Georgian theater painter that lived in Italy.  Nutsi Kachakhidze has also coordinated an international educational project called “Educational Program for Georgian schools based abroad” with the support of the Ministry of Culture, sports, and Youth.

Art historian Mariam Kikvadze is currently an employee of the Art Palace of Georgia - Museum of Cultural History. From 2010-2014 she studied at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Humanities, majoring in art history. After completing her bachelor's degree, she continued her studies at the same university and in 2017 obtained the academic degree of Master of Museum Studies. From 2018-2019, she worked at the National Science Library of TSU as a senior specialist. Since May 2019, she has been working at the Art Palace of Georgia - Museum of Cultural History. She has great experience in implementing international projects, such as:

  1. Art of the Florenskaya Sisters The story of Florenskaya sisters and the art created parallel to their tragical lives.
  2. Treasure of Dadiani Palaces One of the oldest and important hearth of Christendom in Caucasus.
  3. From Secular Spectacle into Political Satire A mesmerising story of the Georgian folk theatre.
  4. A Fair Reflection.
  5. Georgian Attire-Reflection of Political Climate.    See related links:
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The Royal Asiatic Society of Georgia, which is the associated society of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, was founded in Georgia in 2023. The aim of the society is to pay great attention to the study of the history of Georgia and to promote it both domestically and internationally.

The mission of the society The society's mission is to investigate and promote the following fields: science, literature, and the arts. 

The society will not only support academic research that uncovers new historical artifacts, monuments, and landmarks but also researching and revealing Asian sources about Georgia. Additionally, it will deal with the analysis, translation, and popularization of Georgian historical and literary works about Asia. 

Since the late Middle Ages, there has been a surge in European interest in Georgia, leading to the writing and printing of numerous significant maps, fascinating reports, descriptions, miniatures, sketches, and political reports. The society's focus will be on identifing, examining, and publishing these references.

Since ancient times, European scientists have visited Ottoman, Persia, India, and Afghanistan with significant interest. These travelers or scientists frequently traveled through Georgia and made stops in various locations here. They came into contact with Georgian Begs, Mamluks, and other statesmen who gained status at the courts of these empires' royal families in the biggest empires' capital cities.

Many important historical documents have not been disseminated in our national historiography since they were not specifically committed to Georgia and frequently remained outside of Georgian scientific or translation projects. The society's objective is to make up for this deficit.

The society will engage closely with foreign scientific organizations, support Georgian scientists' publications abroad, and host conferences on both a local and global scale. The society will release a yearly scientific publication in English.

 The Royal Asiatic Society of Georgia was established as a result of close cooperation with the Art Palace of Georgia – Museum of Cultural History, thus the purpose of the society is to create new museum collections, organize exhibitions about them, and issue publications.

 Society will create professional awards and prizes to further motivate scientists.